SQL error when "Life Time" value is added
Screenshot of my battle list - http://i.imgur.com/p86jeGr.png

Screenshot of my battle list - http://i.imgur.com/p86jeGr.png

Pastebin of the error that popped up in a small window within WotN: http://pastebin.com/SeNAxEAK (WotN didn't crash, could close the window but no more battle results where shown)

Additionally the log (right after the exception which is also written to the log file) shows


04.09.2014 23:22:31 ### EXCEPTION ###
   Source:          WotNumbers
   TargetSite:      Void GridShowBattle(System.String)
   Data:            System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
   Message:         Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
   Stack Trace:
   bei WinApp.Forms.Main.GridShowBattle(String Status2Message)


Rough translation of the message: The object reference is not linked(?) to an object instance - more or less xD

After removing Life Time from the battle list everything works as expected again.

Adding the "Life Time" value to a tank view list works fine (although I think it would be better to re-calculate the seconds to hours/minutes [if possible and not too much of a hassle]) ;D

  • BadButton - 05.09.2014

    Will be fixed. 

  • BadButton - 07.09.2014

    Bug fixed for next version.

    Showing life time in hours : minutes : seconds will not be implemented yet, added it to our backlog as an improvment suggestion.

  • BadButton - 07.09.2014

    Bug fixed in version 0.4.0

  • Anton d'Ur - 24.10.2018

    I'm using this thread to inform you that it seems that the Life Time data is doubled. For example, 128 secs recorded and 1 min 4 sec in the battle result.

    I tried to test multiple times and had the same behaviour.

  • BadButton - 06.12.2018

    Hi, just tested it and for me it seems to be correct. I got 231 sec in the battle grid and 3:51 in battle details (both values from Wot Numbers). 

    It could be that if you compare it with results shown ingame there can be a difference If I remember correct, the time we get from the WoT game client includes the waiting time before the battle starts. Unfortenately there is nothing we can do about it undecided

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