Editing and deleting charts
Hi, I'm using version 0.17.3 Q1: When I'm editing a chart like adding another tank to an existing chart, the change...


I'm using version 0.17.3

Q1: When I'm editing a chart like adding another tank to an existing chart, the changes aren't saved. In the save dialogue I'm choosing "Update current favourite".  Am I doing anything wrong?

Q2: How can I delete one of my saved charts?

Thanks for a great program! cool

  • BadButton - 01.03.2017

    Seems like you found a bug, thanks' for reporting it.

    Will be fixed.

  • Piroger - 21.04.2017

    Will you be posting here when it's been fixed?

  • BadButton - 23.04.2017

    yep :-)

  • BattleHook - 15.08.2017

    I tried to run SQL (delete * from chartFav where id = 3) but this returns an error:

    maybe this might help to solve the error ???

  • BattleHook - 15.08.2017

    When I use a 3rd party tool (DB Browser for SQLite) and delete the record with id "3" in the chartFav table it is ok...

  • BadButton - 16.08.2017

    just skip the *:

    delete from <table> where <condition>

  • Piroger - 12.03.2018


    Will this bug be fixed in the near future you think?

    If not, could you please post the correct sql syntax to edit and delete charts?


  • BadButton - 16.03.2018

    Next version has improved chart functionality.

    • Added separate remove button for favourite charts, instead of delete button from save dialog
    • Possibility to add and remove chart lines and save changes for selected favourite
    • Clear button improved, clears both chart view and prepares for new favourite to be saved
    • Some minor improvements for better usability

  • Piroger - 19.03.2018

    Great news, thanks!

  • BadButton - 26.03.2018

    New version released, hopefully charts now works better.

  • Piroger - 26.03.2018

    I got this message when I open the charts. I have only one chart at the moment, created today with the new version. The previous charts where deleted by sql statement: delete from chartfav where id=-xx".

  • Piroger - 26.03.2018

    I deleted all the charts and all the entries in table chartFavLine as well. Still getting the same message when opening Charts from the menu.

  • BadButton - 26.03.2018

    Thanks' for the update. Will check it asap.

  • BadButton - 26.03.2018

    Btw, I think you will get rid of the error message as soon as you create a new favourite chart. 

    Edit: my bad, did not test this using SQLite, seems like RIGHT JOIN is not supported. A fix will be made later today.

  • Piroger - 26.03.2018

    Great! :)

  • Piroger - 26.03.2018  

    Works fine now!

    Good work!!! :)

  • BadButton - 27.03.2018

    Glad to hear, thanks' for the help smile

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