Cannot connect to WG for "In Garage" list.
To be specific, it opens up a new blank window and produces a file called "login.json" which contains {"status":"erro...

To be specific, it opens up a new blank window and produces a file called "login.json" which contains {"status":"error","error":{"field":"application_id","message":"APPLICATION_ID_NOT_SPECIFIED","code":402,"value":""}}

  • Sailorboy - 15.09.2017

    I get the exact same thing.

  • cuddlytomato - 25.10.2017

    I'll have a look later today.

  • cuddlytomato - 25.10.2017

    What server so you have your account on? I cannot reproduce against EU.

  • racercowan - 26.10.2017

    NA server.

    I've tried updating and un/reinstalling and it hasn't fixed it, though I haven't tried redownloading the installer.

    Also, I have the database in a separate synced folder since I play on multiple computers, in case that makes a difference.

  • BadButton - 28.10.2017

    Hi, will check into the problem for the new NA server named "LOGIN".

  • DPG - 04.11.2017

    I've got the same issue on SEA.

    It does not go to the login page but tries to download login.json

  • leafcap - 12.11.2017

    same here ....

    just dont know wher to save this ?innocent

  • Mirkow76 - 15.11.2017

    I'd like to bump this one. Is there any answer where to put or how to use that login.json file it dowloads? NA server. Sorry if that is a complete noob question.

  • shadow1a1a - 17.12.2017

    im having the same problem, tried opening google, internet explorer, and the program its self and still cant do shit

  • cuddlytomato - 19.12.2017

    I'm quite confident in that the issue is that there is a new server that wotnumber does not have an api key for. In the settings for wotnumber do you have an abbreviation within parenthesis after your username? If so could you please provide that?

  • BadButton - 22.12.2017

    This is now fixed for the North American server (with new name LOGIN).

    Wot Numbers has setup an API for authentication for EU, NA (LOGIN) and RU server. 

  • DarthCavalier - 06.02.2018

    Still not able to login to SEA server to update the Tanks in Garage.

    System shows me as having (LOGIN) after my name and redirects to NA server...

  • leafcap - 06.02.2018

    There is no authertication for asia server now. frown

    Waiting for BadButton to resolve this problem.

  • BadButton - 11.02.2018

    Sorry, but we have never had authentication to the ASIA server for getting the in-garage list.

  • leafcap - 11.02.2018

    It is good to know . Thank you BadButton !

    May I ask why ?

  • BadButton - 11.02.2018

    It takes quite some time to setup and keep the authentication up and running for each WoT server. There has not been very many Wot Numbers users from the ASIA server, so other tasks has been prioritized. In our "internal" backlog this is still an issue we hope to fix at some time.

    It would have been much more easy for us to build features if WoT had one authentication provider that we could have used for both SSO and API's foot-in-mouth

  • BadButton - 11.02.2018

    I could mention that we currently have approx 2400 active Wot Numbers users, of these there are only 15 using the ASIA server = 0.6% of our user base. 

  • DarthCavalier - 12.02.2018

    Thanks for the answer.

    Hopefully one day WG will get its act together with a single authentication across all servers (rather than releasing more brokenly OP Premiums and shitty one-sided maps...)

  • leafcap - 13.02.2018

    Thank you BadButton ! It totally makes sense to me. cool

    Wow, I am the one of only 15 asia users ... and truely love WOT Numbers. sealed

  • BadButton - 04.03.2018

    Hi, can you check if the "in garage" feature now works for ASIA server? Support for the server is now added.

  • leafcap - 12.03.2018

    hi BadButton, sorry for late reply ...

    No, it linked to NA server ... still wont work money-mouth

    My problem here is kind of complex:

    leafcap (ASIA) was not working ... Wot Numbers always tell me to use leafcap (LOGIN).

    So I merged XXXXX (ASIA) to XXXXX (LOGIN) and using it till now.

    New update "States on Web" is showing my states > XXXXX (NA) ... oops (LOGIN) is a NA server undecided

    dont know what to do, merge back to xxxxx (ASIA) ?

  • BadButton - 12.03.2018

    On startup or whenever a new battle is detected by Wot Numbers, the system read latest updated data from the game. During this process the system switch over to the correct user found stats for. 

    Server name is then set, toghether with player name. These are valid: eu, login (=na), net (=ru) and asia. 

    When using in garage feature current server name should point you to correct server.

    Migrating battles should not affect this.

  • leafcap - 13.03.2018

    Ok, this my situation:

    my user list,


    If I change to (ASIA) and play one game, Wot Numbers ask me,

    And Wot Numbers change back to (LOGIN)  .... Server name set to (LOGIN)


    If I changed to (ASIA) and update Garage List,

    It mix up player to fishcave ( a friend share with same computer) ...innocent

  • leafcap - 13.03.2018

    looks like (I am guessing, not really sure)

    Asia server name is set up to (LOGIN) not (ASIA) and it caused a lot of problems !???

    log file,


    2018/3/13 ?? 05:18:21 ### EXCEPTION ###

       Source:          mscorlib

       TargetSite:      Void WinIOError(Int32, System.String)

       Data:            System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal

       Message:         ?? 'C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Wot Numbers\BattleResultToUpload\16898756499206843.dat' ?????

       Stack Trace: 

       ? System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)

       ? System.IO.File.InternalCopy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite, Boolean checkHost)

       ? System.IO.FileInfo.CopyTo(String destFileName)

       ? WinApp.Code.Battle2json.vBAddictBattleResultToUpload()


       Function for uploaded previous unsuccessful vBAddict uploads failed.


  • BadButton - 13.03.2018

    If you could send me your dossier file from the ASIA server I could take a look, could be a bug somewhere.

    You will probably find several dossier files since you have several WoT user accounts. I suggest you do this:

    1) Close WoT game

    2) Go to this folder, and delete all files: 


    3) Start WoT on the ASIA server and the correct file will be recreated in the folder

    4) Then send the file to:

    You could also check if Wot Numbers works better after deleting the old dossier files.

  • BadButton - 13.03.2018

    Just one question regarding this:

    If I change to (ASIA) and play one game, Wot Numbers ask me,

    And Wot Numbers change back to (LOGIN)  .... Server name set to (LOGIN)

    Did you play one game on the ASIA server? You are sure you did not play a game on the NA server?

  • BadButton - 13.03.2018

    I tested the "In garage" feature with a dummy test account connected to the ASIA server.

    I just manually added the player to the database, and then went into settings and selected this player.

    When trying to update in garage tanks, I was correctly transferred to login at the asia server.

    Remember, if you are already signed in to Wargaming with another user you will not get the login shown below, but you will be authenticated with the current user. To avoid this you need to log out from wargaming first.

    As far as I can figure out by testing, this seems to work:

  • leafcap - 13.03.2018

    "Did you play one game on the ASIA server? You are sure you did not play a game on the NA server?"

    log in to leafcap(ASIA) ... and play one game on the Asia server.

    2 player on this computer all play on the asia server only : leafcap (ASIA) and fishcave (ASIA)

    They changed to (LOGIN) when ANZ server opened.

    leafcap_SG (LOGIN) and leafcap_SG (NET) are WOT 1.0 Common Test  servers.

  • leafcap - 13.03.2018

    dossier file sent as your request

  • BadButton - 14.03.2018

    Thanks' for the file, it helped a lot.

    A bugfix is made, need just some more testing. A new version with this fix will be released soon.

  • leafcap - 14.03.2018

    Good to hear that the problem is solved. laughing

    Thank you so much. 

  • BadButton - 26.03.2018  

    New version is released. It could be that you ned to restart Wot Numbers after upgrade, you should hopefully finally get "ASIA" as server name in the title bare.

    You will probably have to migrate players from the settings menu, to move the battles to the correct player.

    You should also select settings + sync battles to wot numbers website + upload all battles to transfer this correctly as stats on this website,

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