Previously pilot version release notes (0.10.2 - 0.10.28)
Planned Release current pilot version as public version 0.11.0 Released to test pilots


  • Release current pilot version as public version 0.11.0

Released to test pilots


  • Added new tab "Options" to Application settings:
    • Moved "application behavior" section from the "Layout" tab
    • Added setting for hour setting for new day start, default is 07:00
  • Bugfix links to vBAddict for North America server, using "na" as servername instead of "com"


  • Added new sub menues for the Gadget menu:
    • Reset to New Default
    • Reset to Old Default
    • These will probably be renamed later to something like "simple setup" and "large setup"
  • Optimized upgrade and create new database
  • Using "new default" home view setup as default for new users


  • Added Czechoslovakia to nation tank filter for favourite tank list setup
  • Change nation images to new style for favourite tank list setup
  • Changed icon for remove filter on tank for battle view grid right click popup menu


  • Added new rating RWR according to idea from ekia2008
    • New column for tanks view, to be selected from the "Battle" section
    • New gadget for home view
    • Available in total stats grid gadget for home view
  • Added tank image for Pz58 Mutz


  • Bugfixed rating calculations for tank view
    • The calculation methods for WN8, WN7 and EFF was redesigned to support "reversed" calculation to support the trend-column for the new total stats gadget, some bugs has been found after this redesign
    • Automatic run "Recalculate Tank Statistics" on startup to fix previous bugged calculations
  • Changed some menu items in the settings menu hopefully with better descriptions
  • Added possibility to recalculate all ratings for recorded battles
  • Adding Trend for Avg Cred Income, Cost and Result


  • Bugfixed rating calculations
    • The calculation methods for WN8, WN7 and EFF was redesigned to support "reversed" calculation to support the trend-column for the new total stats gadget, some bugs has been found after this redesign
    • All test pilots are recommended to run from the settings menu:
      • Battle Check with force update all data (calculates ratings for tank view)
      • Recalculate Battle Ratings for all ratings (calculates ratings for battle view)


  • Added possibility to select custom download directory, check this idea
  • Now possible to recalculate all battle ratings, also for WN7 and EFF


  • Bugfix total stats gadget not showing ratings
  • Bugfix rating calculations for WN7 and WN8


  • Reworked rating calculations resulting in minor improvement of calculation speed (EFF, WN7 and WN8)
  • Complete pilot release for the total stats gadget
    • Added last trend calculations, including EFF, WN7 and WN8 


  • Total Stats gadget improvements:
    • Changed to blue colors for trend values showing sum for period
    • Added calculation for "K/D Ratio", "Dmg C/R", "XP Max" and "Frags Max"
    • Bugfix view for "Today" when no battles exists


  • Added timespan feature for Total Stats Gadget
    • Buttons: "3 Months", "Month", "Week" and "Today" now works for some values
    • The trend column will show the trend as an numeric value, or an up/down arrow if the delta is very small (less than 0.01)
    • Mouseover the trend value shows tooltip with the acutal value with max 8 decimals
    • Still missing trend values for ratings and some other values that needs special calculations


  • Bugfix calculations for SQLite database for total stats gadget
  • Added new feature for total stats gadget:
    • Possibility to save current home view setup to file using gadget menu
    • Possibility to load home view setup from file using gadget menu
    • Default folder for saving/loading home view setup is: %appdata%\Wot Numbers\HomeView
    • Gadget menu item "Show Files" open Windows Explorer at default location


  • Bugix calculations for some values for total stats gadget.



  • Changed display of large numbers > 999 999 for new gadget "Total Stats"


  • Calculate all values correct for new gadget "Total Stats", including WN8, WN7 and EFF


  • Possible to move value within "Selected Columns" grid, using drag and drop for gadget "Total Stats" customization.


  • Bugfix decimals in Total Stats Gadget


  • Bugfix Tank Detail window - included new tank credit columns
  • Improved databinding and faster rendering of gadgets for home view
  • Bugfixes and improvements for new "Total Stats" gadget
    • Auto refresh when new battle is fetched
    • Auto size when creating or customizing gadget parameters
    • Added menu for insert: "Total Stats - Using Default Columns"
    • Changed to simpler "Default" column setup


  • Bugfix for SQLite, avoiding error on saving new "Total Stats" gadget


  • First test release for new gadget "Total Stats"
  • Added new columns to tank view: Defeat Rate and Draw Rate
  • Changed colors for WinRate and WN8 to latest XVM threshold values


  • Improved startup and database creation for first time startup after initial install
  • Bugfix "Gadget Edit Mode" avoiding wrong gadget to be selected in some occations
  • Changed gadget "Tank Type Stats":
    • Added parameter "Battle Mode"
    • Changed row "Tanks owned" to "Tanks used" when a spesific battle mode is selected
  • Changed gadget "Battle Mode Stats":
    • Showing values for battle modes: Random, Team Unranked, Team Ranked, Skirmishes, Strongholds and Global Map
  • Added gadget: "Header" - usage sample:



  • Reworking gadget framework in progress
  • Now possible to add unlimited numbers of same gadget with separate timespan and other parameters like colors (for charts) and battle mode
  • The selected timespan will be stored together with other parametes, and keep values when restarting Wot Numbers
  • For existing gadgets selected to the home view the parameters might not be available, remove and add gadgets to enable the new feature or select to reset to default


  • Reworked recalculate max battle tier using popup form with progressbar
  • Added tank image for premium tank: "Skoda T 40"


  • Reworking gadget framework:
    • Replacing button: "last 1000 battles" with "last 3 months" for some gadgets
    • Added filter for battlemode "Global Map"
  • Recalculate max battle tier for battles previous to the introduction of the new column
  • Added Wargaming and vBAddict icon on right click from "Battle Details" and "Battles Summary" for showing player profile


  • Changed uploaded replay link to vBAddict battle report instead of player profile
  • Adding option for showing menu toolbar for go to player profile at vBAddict
  • Improvements for Application Settings
    • Bugfix and check that CPU is selected when optimized mode for WoT startup
    • Save and Cancel button is only enabled when changes are detected
    • When changing tabs or closing application settings save dialog shows if changes are done
  • Minor layout correction for nation gadget, aligning nation icon to the bar in the chart


  • Added new view: Maps
    • Showing list of maps in the main grid
    • Possible to select three views from the map view menu toolbar:
      • Default: battle count, winrate, avg tier for battles played on the map for current filter
      • Map Description: small map image and Wargaming official map description
      • Map Large Images: larde map image and Wargaming official map description
    • Alternative views can also be selected from the map view menu toolbar :
      • Show maps without battles
      • Show old / obsolete maps 
    • The data visible in the map view is filtered by the same as for battle view:
      • Tank filter
      • Battle mode filter
      • Time filter

  • BadButton - 18.12.2015

    New feature introduced: Maps view.

    Please give us some feedback: Is this useful? What more columns / values could be added? Any other ideas redarding this map view?

  • MadBroJohn - 18.12.2015

    Thanks for it. For its its enough information :D now i can see the informations that i needed

  • BadButton - 18.12.2015

    Glad to hear that smile

    Interesting to see that some maps have quite higher rotation than others (selecting: "Battles last 6 months").

    Also interessting to see that I have quite higher winrate on some maps compared to others - telling me to learn better tactics on some maps.... embarassed

  • BadButton - 24.12.2015

    New pilot version 0.10.3 released.

  • BadButton - 26.12.2015

    New pilot version 0.10.4 released with some minor improvements.

  • Spiegator - 27.12.2015

    I started the program, but I see high CPU usage but a black rectangle. I leve it running for 30 minutes and then I will report again. If that is due to new computations, I suggest a ProgressBar or a PopUp window informing users about the time needed to run the new computations...

  • Spiegator - 27.12.2015

    Ok, program took 15 minutes to make the new computations. I strongly suggest adding a ProgressBar...

  • BadButton - 27.12.2015

    Thanks for feedback Spiegator. I made the recalculation as a single SQL query. Will rework it using a loop with progressbar.  

  • BadButton - 27.12.2015

    New version 0.10.6 0.10.5 (sorry - typo) released to test pilots, please check if battle max tier recalculation works better now with progressbar in popup window.

  • BadButton - 30.12.2015

    Home view gadgets framework improved, new version 0.10.6 is soon to be published to test pilots.

  • BadButton - 30.12.2015

    New pilot version 0.10.6 released.

  • BadButton - 31.12.2015

    Gadget improvents on its way, check out screenshot for version 0.10.7. 

  • BadButton - 01.01.2016

    Pilot version 0.10.7 released.

  • BadButton - 03.01.2016

    Pilot version 0.10.9 released with new gadget "Total Stats".

  • BadButton - 07.01.2016

    New pilot version 0.10.14 is released to test pilots with improvements for the new "Total Stats" gadget.

  • BadButton - 09.01.2016

    New pilot version 0.10.17 has bugfix for gadget total stats, and more features for home view.

  • BadButton - 11.01.2016

    New pilot version 0.10.20, total stats gadget is now final - all total and trend values calculations are done. Focus on bugfixes and minor layout improvements from now.

  • Fireverm - 16.01.2016

    How do you get into the Test Pilot program?

  • BadButton - 17.01.2016

    Hi Fireverm,

    I can add you as test pilot, just remember that you will get new versions more often, and pilot versions can be unstable. 

    You have to use the same alias on your user on this website, as your WoT in game name. 

  • Fireverm - 17.01.2016

    Understood, and I do.

  • BadButton - 17.01.2016

    You are now added as a test pilot Fireverm, when you start Wot Numbers you should get latest pilot version.

  • BadButton - 26.01.2016

    New pilot version 0.10.24 released with some bugfixes and improvements for total stats gadget.

  • BadButton - 30.01.2016

    New pilot version 0.10.25 released with the new RWR rating implemented.

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