Release notes for latest public version (0.29.0)
Here you find a summary of news for the latest public releases of Wot Numbers application.

Version 0.29.0

  • Support for WoT

Version 0.28.8

  • Support for WoT

Version 0.28.6

  • Support for WoT

Version 0.28.5

  • Added images for new tanks

Version 0.28.4

  • Support for WoT

Version 0.28.3

  • Improved logging for battle fetch

Version 0.28.2

  • Improvements for retrieving extended battle result, handling set[] problems for platoon/clan battles

Version 0.28.1

  • Now fully supports WoT
  • Previous version did not fetch extended battle result because of major changes in WoT version 1.10.1

Version 0.28.0

Version 0.27.7

  • Support for WoT

Version 0.27.6

  • Fixed battle result showing the new reworked map "Perl River"

Version 0.27.5

  • Support for WoT
  • Added new tank images

Version 0.27.4

Version 0.27.2

  • Support for WoT
  • Included tank images for new tanks
  • Force run update tanks startup procedure to fetch tank info for new tanks

Version 0.27.1

  • Support for WoT

Version 0.27.0

  • Support for WoT 1.8

Version 0.26.3

  • New column available in both tank and battle view: 
    "Dmg Combined" = all total damage combined = damage done + damage to enemy vehicled you spotted, tracked or stunned
  • New column available in both tank and battle view: 
    "Dmg Stun" = damage to enemy vehicled stunned by you 
  • New columns available in battle view: 
    "Pos Xp" = Your position on your teams result list by XP
    "Pos Dmg" = Your position on your teams result list by damage done
  • Go to "Battles" view, select menu "Edit Battle View..." and find the new columns under section "Result"


  • Added tank images for new tanks


  • Support for WoT ver


  • Added two new chart types:
    - Tier Total Avg: Shows the average tank tier for all battles played
    - Tier Played Avg: Shows per interval (periods of days or a number of battles) what is the average tank tier used
  • Fixed bug not detecting map "Kharkov"
  • Added tank images for new tanks


  • Added tank images for new tanks


  • Support for WoT ver


  • Added tank images for new tanks


  • Support for WoT ver


  • Support for WoT ver


  • Support for WoT ver 1.5.3


  • Fixed bug causing damage rating progress on battle not working


  • Support for WoT ver 1.5
  • Added new tanks


  • Support for WoT ver 1.4.1


  • A quick patch: added images for new tanks and latest maps


  • Support for WoT ver 1.4
  • Reworked default column list for battle view, removing WN7 + WN9, added damage rating used for showing gun mark progress
  • Improved startup procedure, relocate main window if screen setup is changed to avoid Wot Numbers not beeing visible


  • Bugfix battle details, team tab
  • Removed some leftover code for vBAddict integrations


  • Prepared for WoT 1.3 (tested using WoT 1.3 Common Test version 3)
  • Bye bye to vBAddict cry Removed all functionality regarding vBAddict, sorry to see the site is down.
  • Improved startup for new users, faster database creation
  • Upgraded libraries to latest versions (technical stuff)


  • Support for WoT
  • Added new map


  • Added new Polish tank images
  • Added new maps
  • Force run "Download and update tanks..." to ensure new tanks and maps data are included in the client


  • Support for WoT 1.1


  • Support for WoT
  • Fix caused by changes due to the new version included football mode
  • Battles played on this game mode is ignored in Wot Numbers


  • Support for WoT 1.0.2


  • Improved file handling for writing events to logfile, system now handles "file in use by other process"
  • "WN8 Tank Details" fixed
  • Bugfix on refreshing battle grid, avoiding the error message "missing footer" on battel grid refresh


  • Support for WoT 1.0.1
  • Added Italy to home view nation gadget and for filters
  • Added new tanks images and new map

Previous releases

  • BadButton - 26.06.2021

    New version released supporting WoT version