Release notes for latest public version (0.20.6)
Here you find a summary of news for the latest public releases of Wot Numbers application.


  • Battle upload to Wot Numbers Website, read more here:
  • Reworked and improved installer, removed unused libraries making install faster and install file smaller
  • Improved the application for faster execution
  • Read about pilot versions leading up to this relese version here: Release notes pilot version (0.20 -> 0.20.5)


  • Support for WoT 9.22


  • Fix battle fetch for WoT 9.21 due to changes from public test to release
  • Support WoT installations on other drives than C: (Appsettings + WoT-tab)


  • Support for WoT 9.21
  • Added new tanks and new map, including images
  • Improved battle fetch, file handling and exception handling and logging
  • Using new WN8-expected values from API:


  • Support for WoT
  • Added new tank images


  • New battle mode filter added for "Grand Battles"
  • Fetching battles from the new battle mode "Grand Battles"
  • Added new tank images (Chinese TD's)
  • Improved WN8 expected values fetch (from WN8 official web site)


  • Support for WoT 9.20.0


  • Bugfix reading team/enemy players information


  • Support for WoT 9.19.1


  • Support for WoT 9.19.0


  • Support for WoT 9.17.1
  • Replacement for version 0.17.2, fixed database upgrade error message after startup


  • Reworked method for fetching latest WN8 exp values
  • Forced run "Download and Update Tanks..." on startup for fetching new WN8 ver 29


  • Included Swedish tank images
  • Reworked charts favourites:
    • Saving battle mode, battle time, X-Axsis, Bullet and Spline settings
    • Removed the separate edit favourite menu toolbar
    • Included renaming and delete in save toolbar button
  • Improved map view by dymamic column width according to font size


  • Added battle count filter to the battle view
  • Improved SQLite backup
  • Included new battle column "Original XP" = xp before premium account and bonuses
  • More info here: Latest pilot versions


  • Added a simple database query tool from the settings menu: "Database Manager..."


  • Added new colum to battle view: "Started" showing battle start time
  • Renamed old column "DateTime" to "Finished" showing battle finish time
  • Saving vBAddict settings to database per player instead of common settings in config
  • Added check for latest res_mods folder for automatic install of Battle Result Retriever
  • Improved the backup feature, better messages when backup fails to run
  • Several bug fixes


  • Support for WoT version 0.9.16
  • Added Sweden to nation filters and battle per nation chart


  • Support for WoT version
  • Reworked Charts: Improved ux, save favourite charts, 2nd Y-axis
  • Added option for editing tank details, can be used for manually enter WN8/9 expected values for new tanks when official values not yet exists
  • Some minor bugfixes and improvements, check all details here...


  • Some modifications for WoT version 9.15.1
  • Implemented new rating: WN9 
  • Improved tank grinding, now with options for grinding completion date


  • Support for WoT 9.15



    • New "Map" view - shows battles per map
    • Added more integrations and features vBAddict
    • Improved "Home View"
      • Saving settings per gadget, possible to have multiple gadgets of same type
      • Possible to save home view setup to file
      • Added new "Total Stats" gadget
    • Reworked "Application Settings" with more options
    • Added new rating RWR (relative win rate)
    • For more details: Previously pilot version release notes (0.10.2 - 0.10.28)

    Previous releases

    • MadBroJohn - 06.02.2016

      nice, its working fine for me since latest pilot´re pretty fast in releasing new versions

    • Cyoor - 07.02.2016

      When chosing the "Maps" tab it is quite slow and crashes like 3 out of 5 times I try.
      (Using windows 7 on an i7 4790k and the SQLite standard database for wot numbers)

      I updated to this version using the button in the program that popped up.

      Worth noting is that Wot Numbers have never crashed on me before this version.

    • BadButton - 07.02.2016

      Thanks' for the feedback Cyoor. A couple of the test pilot users has reported similar problem with slow performance using the Map view, but crash problem has not been reported before. Will take a closer look at this. 

    • 2case - 15.02.2016

      Thanks for this usefull "little" program :) Didn't know about it until an youtube video where the player grind his 3rd gun mark on his is-7 and used this tool during a game pause ;) You need more marketing ;)

      from EU/Germany

    • BadButton - 15.02.2016

      Thanks' for positive feedback 2case smile

      We have done some random posting at World of Tanks forum and Reddit. Phalynx at vBAddict support us and informes about Wot Numbers on his website, and some players has helped us spreading the word. Any tips on how the make the system even more known would be appreciated, it is not easy to reach out to whole WoT community.

    • DOM1NO - 21.04.2016

      Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the new version. It loads SO much faster now, not sure what you did but I like it smile

    • BadButton - 22.04.2016

      Thanks' for positive feedback DOM1NO.

      We have a separate (SQLite) database for storing images, some of those are loaded into memory at startup to make Wot Numbers responsive. This database was stored togheter with the program files, it was only used for reading data so we figured that was OK. Closer investigation showed that even we only read data from it, the SQLite components wants write access. In the last version we copy this database to the %appdata% folder making both write and read possible to it, and it seems like that made a difference.

    • Sailorboy - 24.07.2016

      Noticed you have the M46KR showing up as an unnamed Tier 1 German LT.

    • BadButton - 24.07.2016

      Try running "Download and Update Tanks..." from the Settings menu

    • Fireholder1 - 14.08.2016

      Heya, BadButton. Just wanted to let you know that the BRR mod is using the wrong game version directory.
      There was a micropatch (at least in NA server), and the directory is now called ''.

    • Cataseven - 29.08.2016

      wn8 for skorpion is still missing. wnefficiency has published the rates. why dont u use it?

    • Cataseven - 29.08.2016

      I made 2 battles, total damage 3600 but I cannot see the average per battle.

    • Cataseven - 29.08.2016

      After battle with  skorpion I cannot see todays battle unless I group the results by tank average or tank sum. No grouping option isnot working well.

      If I select "no grouping", tehn nothing on the page but at he bottom on the page it says "rows 1"

      In other words simply, "todays battle" and "no grouping" options dont work at hte same time properly.

    • BadButton - 29.08.2016

      Please check the forum for other topcs regarding Skorpion G, I am working on improving problem for this tank.

    • BadButton - 15.01.2017

      New version 0.17.1 released for fetching latest WN8 version 29.

    • BadButton - 23.07.2017

      New version 0.19.1 released, supporting WoT 19.1.

    • BadButton - 02.09.2017

      New version 0.19.4 released, supporting WoT 19.20.

    • Ricardos - 02.09.2017

      does wot numbers need VBAddict to work?

    • BadButton - 02.09.2017

      We have been using some components made by Phalynx at vBAddict as part of our solution. Phalynx has given us his source code for creating these components, and we now build them ourselves.

      In other words: starting with this latest release we are no longer depandent on vBAddict in this matter. 

    • Zavar - 29.10.2017

      New version for working great!  Thanks for the hard work!

    • BadButton - 13.12.2017

      New version 0.9.11 released, supporting WoT 9.21

    • BadButton - 10.02.2018

      New version 0.9.13 released supporting WoT 9.22

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