Get your Website SSL
Hey, please provide your website via HTTPS for security reasons. Thank you very much

Hey, please provide your website via HTTPS for security reasons.

Thank you very much

  • BadButton - 05.04.2021

    Would love to enable https, I even purchaced a sertificate once but was not able to set it up on the server I am running on.

    I have currently got sponsored the web hosting, but it has limitation so I cannot enable https on it. It will require me to move the site to a payed service.

    The donations I get is minimal, and will not cover the cost for a payed web hosting platform that support this solution. 

  • Okuni - 15.04.2021

    Hey BadButton :)

    I use for my website. it's free and you can use a free certificate :)

  • BadButton - 07.05.2021

    The site is built using MS Visual Studio (C#), and it requires MS SQL Server database. Most free web hosting platforms runs on Linux and do not provide these server components.

  • CrazyDisi - 20.06.2021


    sorry for late reply, so if you cannot get SSL working for hosting reasons you could  think about putting CloudFlare in front of you domain.

    This enabled you to get secured traffic for the customers, after that you can try to setup you application to allow only traffic from these IP's CloudFlare has a Free Plan which should be sufficient for your needs.

    This is not the best solution then you're still having traffic between CloudFlare and Your Application unencrypted but  its better then nothing.

  • BadButton - 26.06.2021

    Thanks for the tips CrazyDisi wink It seems like I will have to move this site over the summer to another service provider, and then I will enable https one or the other way. I totally agree with you that running a non secure site is not the way to do it anymore money-mouth

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