MM range not working
the optional "Match Making Range" in "Battles" view does not work

the optional "Match Making Range" in "Battles" view does not work. Same tier should be 0, playing against one tier lower -1, two tier -2. Playing against one tier higher 1, two tiers 2. It now quite randomly only seems to show 2 and 3 (3 not even being possible).

I like this stat a lot, shows clearly if indeed MM is against you, or not.

  • splashrun - 05.03.2021

    @BadButton, can you reply? Will or will you not fix it, or is it just me, or whatever?

  • BadButton - 05.03.2021

    Released new version now supporting WoT, hopefully fixes this problem.

  • splashrun - 08.03.2021

    MM range is still, quite randomly, wrong.

  • splashrun - 15.03.2021

    I see in the Database the maxBattleTier is correct. So, the incorrect MMrange is due to not having the correct tier of the tank the player used. This value is in the Tank table, and also correct. So, nothing wrong with the data, only the calculation of MMrange is wrong. Easy fix!

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