Welcome to Wot Numbers
Wot Numbers is a World of Tanks progress and performance tool. Read more about the project here.

Wot Numbers is an application you can download and install on your computer to keep track of your World of Tanks progress and performance, such as win rate, wn8 (and other ratings), and more or less all other parameters that are produced after each battle.

Installing and getting started with Wot Numbers is easy, and you don't need any additional components to make it work. Check out our user guides for further reference, or the screenshots topic for a quick glance.

Players who are familiar with WOT Statistics or vBAddict will recognize a lot of elements from these systems, since Wot Numbers is heavily inspired by them. WOT Statistics users may even import their previously recorded battle results from WOT Statistics into Wot Numbers.

Main features

The system has three main views:

  • Home Screen (overall display of your stats)
  • Tanks view (a list of all your tanks)
  • Battles view (a list of your recent battles)

Among other features we have a "grinding setup", which lets you track the progress on a specific tank. After each battle on that particular tank, your progress is automatically updated and will keep you informed on when you can expect to reach your goal (such as researching the next tank).

Best Regards

Wot Numbers Team