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Author: BadButton
Created: 25.06.2014 16:50

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Support us by donating

Thank you for considerate donating to the Wot Numbers Team.

Using Wot Numbers and this site is totally free as long as we are in beta phase, and it will probably stay like this for a long time. Both this site and the software is developed purely on our spare time, and all cost relatet to personal eqipment, software, hosting, domains and more is paid from our own "pockets".

When the system is no longer in beta phase we will consider a small amount of licence fee for the software. If this should happen, and you are so kind to donate any amount of money now, you are considered as a premium member and you will get a lifetime free license for Wot Numbers.

Donate €3

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Donate €10

Donate Any

With regards
BadButton & cmdrTrinity
The Wot Numbers Team