Privacy Policy

What we do and not do

We only use cookies for authentication purposes, we do not send any data you post or your email address to anyone.

Google Ad Sense is used to publish ad's, as part of this Google use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to your website or other websites. Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings.

The site usage is tracked using Google Analytics, only used to follow up overall usage. There are no tracking of IP-addresses or usage related to sign in.

Default email notifications will be enabled after registering. You will receive email when a news article is posted by the Wot Numbers Team, and when somone comments on a forum topic you have created or commented on. This can be turned of, or even more notifications can be enabled from "My Page".

What we want you to do

Just behave, do not write offensive comments - be nice and polite.

We hope you will register as an user, but this is not neccessary to be able to download the Wot Numbers software. You will have to register to be able to post topics or comment on others topics. We recommend using your WoT player name as alias when registering. Please upload your own avatar, or use one from the list.

Test pilots receives new version before official release for testing. We want test pilots to use the "Test Pilot" category in the forum section to give us feedback on bugs and improvement suggestions.

If you like our solution and want to support our work, please consider a small donation.

Web site account removal

You can remove your account from "My Account" + "Profile". This will delete your web site user, and all the content your have posted in the forum will be tagged to an anonymous user.

The content you have posted in the forum will stay put after your account is removed, but it will no longer refer to your alias. To remove the content you have posted this must be done before removing your account. You can find the articles you have posted here here, or search in the forum using your alias to find comment you have posted.